Nodway Solutions - Training

The promise of service in any business is common; the delivery of this promise is what makes Nodway unique!

We offer a full recruitment service solution - whether you require a permanent employee or independent contractor for a specific project, Nodway can help.

We also train candidates according to the Companies specific requirements. We conduct training programs on technical, higher-end subjects for the IT professionals

Nodway Solutions gives training to acquire the knowledge that a professional may need to become successful. Nodway Solutions’ technical mentors provide knowledge-transfer in practical applications with an emphasis on a thorough understanding of the technology.


Soft Skills.

• Business communication: Includes telephone, email, chat and video conferencing etiquettes as well. 
• Business Etiquettes. 
• Effective Presentation skills. 
• Train the Trainer Program. 
• Leadership effectiveness.

Life Skills.

•  Team Building.
•  Emotional Intelligence. 
•  Psychometric assessment for core competency mapping. 
•  Rational Emotive therapy in Decision Making 
•  Lateral Thinking in decision making